Film & Drama

The Journey, Greenroom Entertainment, Tempo Productions Ltd.


Lawyers at Abbas Media Law have been advising on films and dramas, including the most hard-hitting factually-based films and dramas, for many years.

Below is a selection of some recent (and not so recent) highlights:

Micro Men (Darlow Smithson, BBC)
Babylon (Nightjack, C4)
Britz (Daybreak Pictures, C4, Arte France)
By Any Means (Red Planet, BBC)
Code of a Killer (World, ITV)
Cyber Bully (Raw, C4)

Cyber Bully, Raw, C4

Detour (2016) (Newscope)
Dickensian (Red Planet, BBC)
Endgame (Daybreak, C4)
Good Vibrations (CPL, ITV)
Harry Price; Ghost Hunter (Bentley Prods)
Hooten and the Lady (Red Planet, Sky)
Kajaki (2014) (Head Gear Films, MENA film, Metro Technology, Pukka Films)

Dickensian, Red Planet Pictures, BBC

Making Dad’s Army (DSP)
Pompidou (John Stanley, BBC)
Pressure (Pinewood)
Sex Traffic (Granada, C4)
Stella, s1-5 (Tidy, Sky)
Suspects (Fremantle, C5)
The Deal (Granada, C4)
The Government Inspector (Stonehenge Films, Mentorn, Arte France, C4)
The Idol (2015) (Idol Film Production)

Making Dad’s Army, DSP

The Journey (2016) (Greenroom Entertainment, Tempo Productions Ltd)
The Promise (Daybreak Pictures, C4)
The Rack Pack (Zeppotron, BBC)
UKIP: The First 100 Days: (Raw, C4)
U Be Dead, (Darlow Smithson, ITV)
Wallander (Ukonline)
Anna Nicole (Opera, The Royal Opera House)
Saddam’s Tribe (World Productions, C4)
Queer as Folk (Red, C4)
+ many more

UKIP: The First 100 Days
UKIP: The First 100 Days
Micro Men, Darlow Smithson, BBC
By Any Means, Red Planet Pictures, BBC
By Any Means, Red Planet Pictures, BBC
U Be Dead, Darlow Smithson, ITV
U Be Dead, Darlow Smithson, ITV