1. What do you love about working in media law?

Working with incredibly creative people; and also that I have no idea what issue is going to arise next – no one day is ever the same.

2. What’s your specialism?

Advising on content, ensuring programmes as envisaged by their creators get to air safely and with minimum interference.

3. Who gave you your first break?

I was very fortunate to get a training contract with a small firm with a national newspaper client so, from day one, I was immersed in and gripped by media law.

4. Why join Abbas Media Law?

The chance to work with lawyers I have greatly admired for years, as well as their clients.

5. Any tips for producers trying to keep up with the ever changing restrictions?

ZOOM-IN magazine of course!

6. Tell us one surprising thing about you?

I am addicted to art- I rarely return from holiday without some addition for my walls.

7. What are you working on right now?

Gimme a chance. I’ve only just started!

8. What’s on your watch list this month?

Sport is dominating at the moment: football, tennis and the Olympics soon (hopefully)

9. What do you do to kick back and relax on a Summer evening?

A ‘glass of…’ in one hand, and The Secret Barrister’s“Fake Law: The Truth About Justice in an Age of Lies” in the other… in the back garden …