Beth Tweddle to take legal action against Channel 4 show The Jump

Former Olympic athlete, Beth Tweddle, is taking legal action against the production company Twofour, which is owned by ITV Studios, after she was forced to undergo surgery on her neck and spinal cord when she hit a barrier on the Channel 4 show, The Jump.

Tweddle was airlifted to hospital in February 2016 while training on the ski jump at the show’s set in Austria. She said she had never fully recovered from the incident, which had affected her ability to work, and insisted the programme makers have never accepted responsibility.

The 33-year-old confirmed she was seeking court proceedings to “prevent others having to go through what I have for the past three years.”

She also said: “The effects of my accident still interrupt my daily life and aside from the severe physical injuries at the start, the hardest part of the recovery process has been the psychological element, dealing with and processing the whole accident and the aftermath of what happened.”

Throughout the series many other contestants were also injured including Holby City actress Tina Hobley, who dislocated her elbow and fractured her arm in two places, the sprinter Linford Christie, who suffered a hamstring injury, Made in Chelsea star Mark-Francis Vandelli, who fractured his ankle, Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding, who sustained a ligament injury to her knee and the Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington, who dislocated her shoulder in an incident she described as being more “painful than childbirth”.

In total, 34 celebrities were injured across the four series of the programme.

Production company Twofour have said in a statement: “This matter is being dealt with by our insurers and we are unable to comment as the claim is ongoing.”