A Star Trek copyright dispute between CBS and Paramount (who hold the Star trek copyright) and the maker of a fan film has settled shortly before trial in the US.

The elements of the film which it was argued were subject to copyright included the Vulcan pointed ears, the Klingon language and certain characters. Alex Peters had crowdfunded the making of a film, entitled Axanar, as well as a short film Prelude to Axanar. Unlike numerous amateur fan-fic films which have not attracted copyright suits, the film, which attracted over $1million in crowdfunding was being made to a professional standard.

After fans expressed concerns, the companies put out ‘Guidelines for Fan Films’ as to what would be legal in amateur fan fiction productions. These include the stipulation that all fan films must be non-commercial, and that they last no more than 15 minutes, or two parts totalling no more than 30 minutes.

Peters and Axanar Productions Inc have reportedly agreed to make substantial changes to one film which has already been made and have agreed to stay within the Guidelines for any future films.