We are delighted to announce that Mauny Wright has joined us from Tinopolis where she was head of legal to lead our growing TV Business Affairs team. She brings a wealth of creativity, knowledge and experience. Mauny has provided advice to numerous TV production companies over the years, including Fresh One and Jamie Oliver, Current TV, MTV, the Comedy Channel, Raw TV, Multi-Story, Firecracker, Pioneer and Mentorn, as well as working as a freelance consultant for many more.

Having worked both for indies and broadcasters, Mauny understands production from both sides. She has negotiated and advised on a vast range of agreements with all manner of content commissioners including UK broadcasters (network and non-network), US broadcasters, and SVOD platforms. As part of getting to know Mauny a little better, we quizzed her on her love of media law, where it all began and her top tips for producers navigating the ever changing restrictions.