1. What do you love about working in media law?

The ever evolving challenge of making law useful to the creative industries. (There’s rarely been a dull moment. I’ve learned so much over the years, from being shown how to chop an onion correctly by Jamie Oliver to how to order drugs on the dark web.)

2. What’s your specialism?

Translating legalese into practical advice and suggestions – I read the small print so that Producers don’t have to.

3. Who gave you your first break?

The lovely Susan Payne – with a lot of help from some fake teletubbies in Guangzhou.

4. Why join Abbas Media Law?

For me Abbas has long been the place to go for the best TV advice, the opportunity to grow the Business Affairs team with them was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

5. Any tips for producers trying to keep up with the ever changing restrictions?

Of course, read ZOOM-IN but also register for the free email updates from OFCOM, they are a good early indicator of changes to come. In terms of COVID though, plan for the worst case scenario and if we’re lucky it might just be better than that when the time comes around.

6. We’re all about enabling creativity and minimising risk, can you share a time where you think this happened with great results?

I see that as my job every day, but a highlight was being part of the brilliant team who produced a ‘behind the scenes’ series for the BBC, with a well known furniture retailer’. They are a very private organisation and hadn’t let cameras in so far before. The access negotiations were lengthy and detailed, but by talking them through the process of filming and how the series would be made, they were finally happy to sign the access agreement. And I got to spend a night at their headquarters hotel in Holland – very lovely curtains and cushions.

7. Tell us one surprising thing about you?

I was cold water swimming even before the lockdowns started.

8. What’s your one big tip for staying sane in February?

Each day of homeschooling starts with a clean sheet of paper.

9. What are you working on right now?

I’m donning a virtual apron and  looking forward to helping get the latest series of a well known cookery contest onto our screens later this year.

Starting this new job in lockdown has at least meant I already know where the coffee is kept.

10. What’s on your watch list this month?

I’m trying to watch ‘Call My Agent’ without reading the subtitles