9 Questions with Sophie Cook

Sophie Cook Consultant, Legal & Business Affairs (TV)

1. What do you love about working in media law?

I am an avid consumer of television, especially drama. I love helping producers bring their ideas to life. I’ve just finished working on Steve Knight’s SAS Rogue Heroes for the BBC. It’s an amazing show, based on Ben Mcintyre’s book, shot in Morocco during Covid. I also worked on the first series of label 1’s ‘Hospital’, which was filmed at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington.

2. What’s your specialism?

I’ve been working in scripted drama for the past 6 years where there’s a current vogue for true crime drama which has a unique set of challenges. I’ve worked on lots of docs over the years too.

3. Who gave you your first break?

Not my first break but the person who got me back into the business after a long break post babies was Emma Cockshutt. She’s a legend.

4. Why join Abbas Media Law?

Nigel worked on lots of our shows while I was in The Endemol Group. I love the boutique feel of the firm, everyone here is super-friendly and they have great clients.

5. Any tips for producers trying to keep up with the ever changing restrictions?

My main tip is to remember that there are no stupid questions. Really, lawyers have heard them all so go ahead and ask.

6. Tell us one surprising thing about you?

I am far better at DIY than anyone else in my family. Most of the shelves are level and still standing.

7. What are you working on right now?

A couple of film developments both with brand new and established writers. It’s interesting how blurred TV and film are becoming from a BA point of view.

8. What’s on your watch list this month?

I’m enjoying Di Ray on ITV. I’ve been across some of Maya Sondhi’s development deals as a new writer and it’s great to see her with her own series.

9. What do you do to kick back and relax?

Yoga and gardening. Sometimes yoga in the garden, much to the amusement of the neighbours.